We offer a range of levels to suit all students starting from basic introduction classes upto senior level classes . The students are placed in classes based on their skill and level of certification.

Levels of Certification :

Syllabus covers 7 levels of certification and the teachings are geared up to meet the expectations of the programme :

  • (Level 1) Prarambhik
  • (Level 2) Praveshika Pratham
  • (Level 3) Praveshika Purna
  • (Level 4) Madhyama Pratham
  • (Level 5) Madhyama Purna
  • (Level 6) Upantya Visharad
  • (Level 7) Visharad Purna

For students who have not had an exposure to dance we start with the Beginner - Introduction to Kathak :

  • Aimed at complete beginners .
  • Will guide you through the key principles of Kathak.
  • Sessions will focus on posture and correct placement of the body.
  • Developing your coordination and spatial awareness.