Manjusha Jadhav

Founder & Director

Manjusha Jadhav is the Founder and Artistic Director of this Kathak Beats Dance Academy.She is a Kathak Dance aficionado who started learning Kathak at a young age under the guidance of Smt. Rekha Nadgaouda. She ardently kept learning, exploring, performing and dancing through the years and in her senior years she continued her pursuit under the guidance of Smt. Manjiri Karulakar.

She is passionate about promoting and teaching Kathak and wants the community to benefit from her 12 + years of dedicated service to Kathak. She is extremely eloquent with the language of gestures, which imparts her tremendous capacity to enthrall the audiences with her performances. She has been an avid dancer and choreographer who has received accolades at various venues in India and the US.

Her sense of humour ,patience ,positivity and charismatic attitude puts all learners at ease and she is able to get the best out of all her students. She takes the students’ skills into account to encourage their individual development and strives to bring them towards perfection. Students benefit greatly from her unique approach to teaching ,during their training period and as preparation for their performances.

She feels strongly that the drift towards “Bollywood dancing “ is eroding the basic foundations of classical dance.Thus, in order to protect the rich cultural heritage of Kathak and promote authentic Kathak dance form, she started Kathak Beats Academy.It’s sole purpose is to teach Kathak through a structured certification programme that enable students ( kids and ladies) to master the art form.